BoRG postdoc Valentina Calvi (STSci) published the first results from the z~9-10 BoRG survey in the Astrophysical Journal.

In ~25% of the total area in the survey we find 5 galaxy candidates at z ~ 8.3 – 10 detected at high confidence, when the universe is just ~ 500 Myr old. One of these candidates, if confirmed, would be the brightest galaxy ever found at such early times ($$m_{AB} = 24.5$$ at z ~ 8.4). We hope our awarded Spitzer observations will help to confirm these candidates.


Postage stamps, p(z) and SEDs, of the J – H dropout candidates presented in Calvi et al. 2016

These new Lyman-break galaxy candidates are ideal targets for future follow-up to investigate the growth of the first galaxies, and reionization.