The BoRG survey led to a total of 16 refereed publications to date (March 2015):

Key publications by our BoRG team

  1. “Bright Galaxies at Hubble’s Redshift Detection Frontier: Preliminary Results and Design from the Redshift z ~ 9–10 BoRG Pure-Parallel HST Survey”, Calvi et al. 2016
  2. “Correcting the z~8 Galaxy Luminosity Function for Gravitational Lensing Magnification Bias”, Mason et al. 2015
  3. “The Luminosity Function at z ~ 8 from 97 Y-band Dropouts: Inferences about Reionization”, Schmidt et al. 2014
  4. “The Changing Lyα Optical Depth in the Range 6 < z < 9 from the MOSFIRE Spectroscopy of Y-dropouts”, Treu et al. 2013
  5. “The Brightest of Reionizing Galaxies Survey: Constraints on the Bright End of the z ~ 8 Luminosity Function”, Bradley et al. 2012
  6. “Inferences on the Distribution of Lyα Emission of z ~ 7 and z ~ 8 Galaxies”, Treu et al. 2012
  7. “Overdensities of Y-dropout Galaxies from the Brightest-of-Reionizing Galaxies Survey: A Candidate Protocluster at Redshift z ≈ 8”, Trenti et al. 2012
  8. “The Brightest of Reionizing Galaxies Survey: Design and Preliminary Results”, Trenti et al. 2011


Analyses/uses of the BoRG dataset by other teams for z~8 science

  1. “UV Luminosity Functions at redshifts z~4 to z~10: 11000 Galaxies from HST Legacy Fields”, Bouwens et al. 2014
  2. “A new multifield determination of the galaxy luminosity function at z = 7-9 incorporating the 2012 Hubble Ultra-Deep Field imaging”, McLure et al. 2013
  3. “Keck Spectroscopy of Faint 3 < z < 8 Lyman Break Galaxies: Evidence for a Declining Fraction of Emission Line Sources in the Redshift Range 6 < z < 8” Schenker et al. 2012
  4. “Probing Very Bright End of Galaxy Luminosity Function at z >~ 7 Using Hubble Space Telescope Pure Parallel Observations”, Yan et al. 2011


Modeling papers connected to BoRG datasets

  1. “The Galaxy UV Luminosity Function Before the Epoch of Reionization”, Mason, Trenti & Treu 2015
  2. “A Physical Model for the 0 <z < 8 Redshift Evolution of the Galaxy Ultraviolet Luminosity and Stellar Mass Functions”, Tacchella, Trenti & Carollo 2013
  3. “Gamma-Ray Burst Host Galaxy Surveys at Redshift z >~ 4: Probes of Star Formation Rate and Cosmic Reionization” Trenti et al. 2012
  4. “The Galaxy Luminosity Function During the Reionization Epoch”, Trenti et al. 2010


Ancillary science with BoRG data by our team

  1. “Milky Way Red Dwarfs in the BoRG Survey; Galactic scale-height and the distribution of dwarfs stars in WFC3 imaging”, Holwerda et al. 2014


Ancillary science with BoRG data by other teams

  1. “Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Field Ultracool Dwarfs at High Galactic Latitude”, Ryan et al. 2011